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Jorge Guillen
Jorge Guillen design

New Ideas in Design and Web Technologies

Our latest website was on the drafting board for several months, and now it's time to showcase some fresh design ideas powered by new technologies. So, before opening the bottle, we want to share a few facts about the evolution of our websites through the years, Now in its 4th. edition since the founding of our company, we are delighted to share with you some facts about the project.

We have used a few trendy designs through the years with a firm dedication to enhance the end user experience.  In a few occasions, some promising technologies were used in our design with a futuristic heart, just to learn shorty that the web was not ready to adopt them. Se we went back to the drawing board again for tuning things up before publishing a particular edition of our website.

An intelligent web design should take in consideration that we are living in an age of fast changes and what is trendy today will be legacy tomorrow.  So, it’s not easy to keep a website updated without a doses of user predictability in an effort to anticipate a design direction based on user experience. We don’t need a crystal ball to design a website, but it really helps to visualize or anticipate the elements of design that will take place in a near future.

We are going to showcase the evolution of our websites through the years, even some early mockups that didn’t make it to the beta stage.

Our first “official" website was developed in 2000 using the most advanced web technologies available at the time. We were committed to the best practice of web design under the support of redirection scripts to satisfy the requirements of several screen sizes and also to accommodate the frameset into the two major internet browser available at that time (Internet Explorer and Firefox). Basically, we were forced to created websites of different sizes to be redirect according to the specific scenario.

We really master the techniques on behalf of our customers, despite of the cost associated with the development and maintenance of several version of client’s website. However, most customers were inclined to the “solo” version of their websites, and quite a few of our clients preferred the benefits of low budgets sites designed with MS Font Page, that was still a very popular web design tool used by many.

We designed many web templates for the web using Macromedia (acquired by Adobe) Dreamweaver, Adobe Go Live and Microsoft Front Page.  One of those templates was a very attractive and flexible design that was rejected by a customer in favor for a more conservative approach, that template became our official website in year 2002.

Intellixis Website 2003 - Jorge Guillen, Lead Developer
Intellixis Website 2003 - Jorge Guillken, Lead Developer

It was customary to hold a website design for couple of years in the early 2000 with some occasional tweaking here and there, especially with designs that usefully anticipated trends to come. We were accurate most of the time with our predictions, so we hold our web presence for longer times.

The next edition of Intellixis website launched in 2006, did not depart too far from the previous one, so we placed emphasis in the interactive technology to enhanced the user friendliness of the results. We introduced the concept of intelligent forms by using advanced JavaScript and the promising jQuery.

Intellixis 2006
Intellixis Website circa 2006

The company's first responsive website was launched in 2014 with 3 major design revisions, but keeping the overall look and feel. We adopted the metro look with a solid “flat” foundation which was very over hyped at that time. As you have noticed by now, we at Intellixis tend to favor the use of color GREY for its neutral and balanced color spectrum. We pay special attention to the semantic meaning of colors in a way to promote an end user engagement.

This was a very complex project as we introduced some new concepts in web design with heavy use of rich media content in an up-to-date browser fashion. After some consideration, we took the decision to “ease” the design a bit to conform with the limitations of mobile browsers and keep the responsiveness of the site within the expectation of the time.

We had a great time exploring and implementing new things for the web, that were later used in some in house projects.

Intellixis Website 2014
Intellixis Website 2014
Intellkixis Website
Intellixis Company Portal 2014 - 2016
Intellixis Metro Design
Intellixis Website 2014 - 2016

 What's next?

Open Source has been a great asset to the success of our professional operations. We have contributed to the Open Source community in many ways and will continue to do so. A great deal of technologies has been developed by Intellixis based on the time and dedication of programmers, designers and the like to the foundation of the Open Source movement.

Intellixis is a firm supporter of this movement and we want to participate even more with our donations and offering so we can keep growing as a community.

Jorge Guillen

Jorge Guillen

Jorge Guillen is the founder of Intellixis Inc., a multimedia agency based in Reston, Virginia in the United States. A native of Venezuela, Guillen is recognized as an authority in the field of Rich Media Development with emphasis in Audio Visual Strategies for the web. He has been a faculty member at the University of the District of Columbia in Washington DC since 1987, where he is in in charge of the Computer Application to Music Program. Jorge Guillen is an accomplished classical guitarist and composer, and many of his works has been performed and recorded by prominent musicians around the world.