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The Core Services of our Business


Your visitors expect an eCommerce website to be easy to navigate and designed with robust security practices.

Responsive Design

A website MUST look good in any browser or device. A responsive website is not a trend anymore.

Search Engine Optimization

You want your website to be easily found on the crowded web under the core keywords of your industry.

Rich Media

Engage your customers into your business with interactive Rich Media hosted on your website. Reach new advertising possibilities.

Sound Design

You have great things to say to your clients and they want to listen to you. It’s easy and affordable to have a voice online. Give it a try!

Intelligent Web Forms

Web forms are an import part of a website. Make then easy and interactive for your customers.


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Website Design


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Website Design and Illustration


As time goes by

  • 2016-2017

    Rebranding our Passion

    We always carry our passion and dedication to the highest level; and all these, with a firm commitment to serve our clients. We promote innovations by improving our skills and service. Just so you know, We Believe in your Ideas.

  • March 2014

    Media Streaming Services

    Our Rich Media Division is born, providing advanced multimedia services.

  • December 2004

    in-house Web Hosting

    We created a robust in-House web hosting platform to offer a cutting-edge technology to our clients, including enterprise level email hosting and VOIP service.

  • September 2002

    An Agency is Born

    Intellixis Incorporated, is authorized to transact its business under all laws of the State of Virginia. A dream woven with passion and dedication.

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    Of Our

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Jorge Guillen

Lead Developer

Leah Ghannam

Lead Marketer

Diana Pertersen

Lead Developer

Our development team listen to your ideas and goals in an open and friendly fashion.

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