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I’m thrilled to let you know that I’ve been assigned as your Web Developer Manager by Intellixis Creative Team! It’s a privilege to be able to work with you on the development aspect of your project.

You should know by now that Intellixis assigns a dedicated Senior Developer to work exclusively with one client at a given time to ensure the highest quality for your project.

We will be working together as long as necessary, and I anticipate a great deal of rapport throughout the development process of your project. I’m an easygoing person with a passion for art and technology, and I leave enough room during the day to relax and boost my creativity to serve you better.

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40 Years Experience Working

service offers

Here are a notes to showcase some of the duties
I perform on a daily basis for Intellixis.


I have been coding for the web since the late nineties, and the journey continues.

UI/ux design

This one is on my trendy side. Keeping up with the latest is a stimulating challenge.

Web design

Sort of bread n’ butter in my daily life, and I do it with passion and commitment.

seo deployment

This task is demanding, but the results are always rewarding and stimulating.

quality work
Recently done projects

client say about me

I keep in touch with my clients even after a project has been completed. Spending time with them is a way to monitor the progress of their business goals, strengthening our professional relationship as a rewarding result.

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