Remote Assistance

Solve Technical Problems Anytime, Anywhere

Live Remote Assistance Services provided by Intellixis, is an affordable way to solve your technical problems related to your computer, tablet or smart phone. This is a fast and convenient way to have access to our knowledge and experience from the comfort of your office. An initial online wizard is conducted as a pre-diagnostic routine which allows us to route your request to the most appropriate support desk. All support sessions are based in the United States.

Let our experienced technical support personnel provide a fast and reliable diagnostic of your device by initiating a secure remote session. Your device will be connected to our network using a strong encryption protocol to ensure the integrity of the information transmitted.

The Process

Remote Assistance is a secure screen-sharing connection which allows our technicians to troubleshoot your system while you observe the process being performed. You are always in control of the session. The technician might provide some details during the process via telephone or a live chat session.

The Service

We have design the Live Remote Assistance as an easy and secure process so you can participate with the technician while the process is being performed. This is a collaborative task in which your participation is always welcome and encouraged.

Unattended Support Sessions are available to clients with a Maintenance Agreement.